Project initiation at the CCHT

Research expertise

The Canadian Centre for Housing Technology is managed by Mike Swinton of the NRC. Mr. Swinton is also Chair of the CCHT Research Committee which is composed of senior research staff from the three partners. The Committee provides input into the selection and scheduling of projects and serves as a forum to discuss methodology and results.

Teams of experts are assembled from various organizations as required for each project under the direction of Mr. Swinton. In addition to comparing the performance of the houses in side-by-side testing, the performance of specific components of new technologies can be analyzed in detail by experts from partner laboratories such as the Advanced Combustion Technologies Group (ACT).

Research approach

In general, the testing of energy conversion systems and components involves the following steps:

  • Calibrate the research houses for a set operating condition and simulated occupancy.
  • Install the innovative technology in the test house.
  • Deploy additional sensors as appropriate.
  • Perform diagnostic tests.
  • Monitor performance.
  • Analyze the data.
  • Return the test house to its original condition.
  • Prepare a final report.

Usually, sampling of performance through a full heating or cooling season or both will be needed to establish a reasonable trend in energy performance.

Typically, a technology might require 2 weeks of monitoring the reference case (unaltered) and then the following 2 weeks of monitoring with the technology in place. This 4-week set could be repeated for each of the seasons of interest - summer, fall, winter, spring.

A final report, outlining the methodology and results, is delivered to the client at the end of the project.


All research results are considered confidential to the project team. Proprietary issues are clearly stipulated by contractual agreement and ownership of technology brought to CCHT for evaluation will be fully retained by the research proponent. Broader disclosure and dissemination of information would only occur if and when directed by the proponent and the project team. Terms will be set out in the contract with the agreement of all partners.

How to initiate a project

At the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology our mission is to accelerate the development of new technologies and their acceptance in the marketplace. We work together with industry to improve the performance, quality, affordability, and environmental sustainability of Canadian housing. We achieve our goals by helping you develop truly outstanding products. By improving housing technology on the ground, the CCHT supports growing domestic and global market opportunities for Canadian industry.

If you are developing new housing-related technologies that address our goals, why not contact us today to discuss the research and demonstration capabilities of CCHT.

To initiate a project:

  1. Contact the CCHT Research Manager, Mike Swinton
    Telephone: (613) 993-9708
    Fax: (613) 998-6802
    Canadian Centre for Housing Technology
    c/o National Research Council Canada
    M-24, 1200 Montreal Road
    Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) K1A 0R6

  2. Outline what the technology is and indicate how you would like it assessed.
  3. Show how your technology fits the CCHT mission and addresses the CCHT goals.
  4. The project will be reviewed by the CCHT Research Committee. If it is approved, a draft proposal would be developed and negotiations would begin on the terms of reference, scheduling, funding, research partners and a steering committee, if required.
  5. The project would begin on contract signing with one of the three partner agencies.

To find out about funding and tax incentives for R&D, consult the NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program.

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