From the start, CCHT was built and is operated as a partnership between three arms of the Government of Canada: National Research Council Canada (NRC), Natural Resources Canada's CanmetENERGY and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). These agencies have signed an MOU on the construction and operation of the facility. Three committees oversee and set the research agenda for CCHT; the CCHT Steering Committee, the CCHT Business Committee and the CCHT Research Committee. Each has full representation by the three government agencies.

The CCHT Steering Committee is responsible for the general direction of the CCHT, directing business, technology and development strategies.

The CCHT Business Committee is responsible for coordinating the business operations of CCHT, including: business planning and business strategy; development and maintenance of the operations framework; and communications and marketing activities.

The CCHT Research Committee is responsible for coordinating the research activities and facility operations of the CCHT, and is responsible for the CCHT research schedule.

In addition, during the construction phase of the project, CCHT Partners sought financial and in-kind assistance for the construction of CCHT and received contributions from the following:

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