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House Data

In all, 22 meters and over 250 sensors provide 12,000 readings every 24 hours. Data is overlaid on plans, elevations and sections for viewing.

In each view (Basement, 1st Floor Plan, etc.) the date and time are the same for each set of conditions (summer-clear-night or winter-cloudy-day, etc.). The numbers in the boxes are hourly averages of temperatures in °C except for those boxes labeled RH which are relative humidity. Blue-gray boxes in the middle of rooms in floor plans are ceiling (top) and floor (bottom) level temperatures. Temperatures in pink boxes are taken at the forced-air heating system room registers. Remember that you are looking at hourly averages: hence, while air from the heating system is delivered at about 36 °C, temperatures in the pink boxes will invariably be less than that because the heating system would not normally be running during the entire hour. The sensors shown outside the basement wall in the basement view are actually located in the ground at about 2 m from the house. Note that outside temperature and relative humidity conditions are only visible in the 1st Floor Plan view for each set of season/conditions.

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