The CCHT InfoCentre

FlexHouse™ Design by architect Nicholas Varias

Wood-frame construction mock-up

At the CCHT InfoCentre, two of the three units of this townhouse were combined to provide offices, meeting space and display rooms. The third unit offers an eye-opening demonstration of a remarkable Canadian housing concept, designed to adapt to people's changing needs.

CMHC's FlexHousing™

CMHC's FlexHousing™ is a practical approach to designing and building housing that allows residents to convert space to meet their changing needs. Based on the principles of adaptability, accessibility, affordability and Healthy Housing™, FlexHousing™ brings together the best of everything we know about building houses.

The CCHT InfoCentre features the award winning FlexHouse™ design by architect Nicholas Varias of London, Ontario. Nicholas Varias was one of four winners in CMHC's 1996 competition that sponsored a design contest to promote FlexHousing™.

Some of this home's adaptable features include:

  • Entry Foyer, permits split occupancy, and access to home office.
  • Convertible front room - easy to insert a dividing wall.
  • Conversion of shower & bath into laundry.
  • Roughed in attic for future use.
  • Moveable wall on the second floor (wireless wall).
  • Washer dryer rough-in on second floor in hallway.
  • Second floor living room space maybe used as second kitchen.
  • Central vacuum and second central vacuum run as wiring chase.
  • Attic is usable space because of the open truss design compared to the trusses in the adjoining attic.
  • Stacked closets for future vertical lift.
  • Door and hallway width's provide maneuvering space.
  • No trip no step threshold at entry.

For more information on FlexHousing™ please visit CMHC Flexhousing™ website.

Technology Showcase

The CCHT InfoCentre includes a Technology Showcase located in the main floor display room. This Showcase features CCHT-tested technology including the ECM motor, the GFX heat recovery system and the Whispergen Stirling Engine. It also includes a series of wood-frame construction mock-ups intended to convey the Canadian Construction System to national and international audiences.

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