Issue 1, Fall 2010

Welcome to our first e-newsletter highlighting research from Canada’s unique, world-class housing technology facility. Our goal is to provide you with updates on our latest projects and publications.

About CCHT

The Canadian Centre for Housing Technology (CCHT) is a partnership between the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). Since its launch in 1998, CCHT has supported manufacturers in their product research and development, and brought insight to builders and homeowners alike. With its twin R-2000 house facilities (a Reference House and a Test House) and accompanying InfoCentre on the NRC campus in Ottawa, CCHT has been the assessment site for more than 40 housing-related technologies, ranging from compact fluorescent light bulbs and high-performance windows to innovative natural gas-fi red engines and fuel cell technologies.

The CCHT’s mission is to promote and accelerate the development of innovative technologies and their acceptance in the marketplace. We partner with industry leaders to help them reach their development goals by providing a side-by side assessment in our full scale field facility that aims to validate and improve the performance, quality, affordability, and environmental sustainability of innovative Canadian housing technologies.

CCHT can be an extension of your organization, helping to optimize your technology’s performance. Contact us today to discuss how the CCHT can help you with your research and development objectives.


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