Research reports

In accordance with confidentiality agreements, only results that are generic or that have been released by all parties are published. Downloadable copies of such reports are posted on this page.

Research papers

The Research Papers are derivative publications based on the research reports, for presentation at conferences or publishing in Journals. They are usually much shorter, thereby summarizing key elements of the work, and give more context on the state of the art of the research area, and what was learned by the project.

CMHC research highlights

Research Highlights are brief summaries of complete reports on the findings of research projects conducted for or by CMHC.

Construction technology updates

Practical 4-6 page publications for architects, engineers, specification writers, property managers, builders and building officials.

CCHT news

From time to time articles appear in trade magazines, NRC Construction Innovation newsletter and other sources. Links to these articles and broadcasts are posted on this page.

CCHT newsletter

Highlighting research from Canada’s unique, world-class housing technology facility. Our goal is to provide you with updates on our latest projects and publications.


A brochure was created to celebrate 10 years of achievement at CCHT. The brochure is downloadable in French or English here.

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