About the CCHT

Welcome to the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology - Canada's unique research, assessment and demonstration resource for innovative technology in housing.

Built in 1998, the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology (CCHT) is jointly operated by the National Research Council, Natural Resources Canada, and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. CCHT's mission is to accelerate the development of new technologies and their acceptance in the marketplace.

The Canadian Centre for Housing Technology features twin research houses to evaluate the whole-house performance of new technologies in side-by-side assessment. The twin houses offer an intensively monitored real-world environment with simulated occupancy to assess the performance of the residential energy technologies in secure premises. This facility was designed to provide a stepping-stone for manufacturers and developers to assess innovative technologies prior to full field trials in occupied houses. In all, over 40 projects have been undertaken at CCHT, most involving innovative technologies.

As well, CCHT has an information centre, the "InfoCentre", which features a showroom, high-tech meeting room, and the CMHC award winning FlexHouse™ design, shown at CCHT as a demo home. The InfoCentre also features functioning state-of-the art equipment, and demo solar photovoltaic panels. There are over 50 meetings and tours at CCHT annually, with presentations and visits occurring with national and international visitors on a regular basis.

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